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Studio Recording

Lots of song creation activities happen in the studio, whether it is composing a song from scratch, or adding a bridge, or tweaking a lyric. Just because the band is in the studio doesn’t mean the song writing process stops………………..

Recording Studios Near Me
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Voiceover recording in Salisbury
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The Studio is a professional, efficient and great sounding space for voiceovers, audiobooks and dialogue. It provides the perfect scene in which to perform the script.  Complete with a quiet location, accurate listening conditions and an an excellent array of high quality equipment…………..

Live Event (gig) Recording

For your chance to win Studio Recording Time, if you have talent and can sing (any Genre) please send your song to trstalentcompetition2021@aol.com

Live e
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Management & PROMOTIONS

Tunnel Rat Management & Promotions are always seeking talented acts to manage and promote.

We are proud to manage ILLINGWORTH as tour managers and their booking agent.

ILLINGWORTH are a Top UK recording duo comprising of John Illingworth Smith and Jolyon Dixon, based in Salisbury.  Both are very experienced professional musicians with a long and successful involvement in the UK music industry.

Please contact Eddie at Info@tunnelratstudios.co.uk for more information on how we can help you.

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